Drum Play Along Tracks

Drum Play Along and Drumless Tracks are our specialty! Welcome to the home of the original music minus drums series, Turn It Up & Lay It Down. Our popular series of high quality inspirational and educational drum play-along tracks are designed to help drummers of all skill levels master all styles of music and drumming. Adding these tracks to your drum practice routine is proven to take your playing to the next level.

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  • Seinfunk
    Vol 1
  • Sharp Groove
    Vol 3
  • Card Shark
    Vol 3
  • C\'mon Now
    Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts
  • Calf Killa
    Vol 5
  • Burn the Bridge
    Vol 6
  • Flying In Nine
    Vol 7
  • Them Changes
    Vol 8
  • Those Days
    Vol 9

Why Use Our Drum Play Along Tracks?

Our drum play along tracks are targeted to specific skill sets. Playing along with the bass lines of volumes 1 and 2 and the music minus drums songs from Volumes 3-11 is the best way to develop key “working drummer” qualities and create your own distinctive style and sound, which is sure to make you a valued member of any band.

Drumless Tracks Are Fun & Effective!

There are few feelings in life that compare to the rush one gets from drumming, whether onstage in front of a crowd, listening back to a great take in the studio, or just getting in the zonewith your drumless tracks and getting lost in the groove. Playing drums is so much fun &the better you play the more fun it is!